Whether you're a solo professional with a boutique firm, or manage a team of researchers in a bustling operation, Infringement.Report is the right partner to help you streamline your process, find valuable infringements, and get more cases approved by your clients.

The World's Most Comprehensive Reverse Image Search Engine

We find more infringements than any other reverse image search engine. This means that you'll find more infringements and more cases with us than you will with other services. Additionally, our service provides you with proprietary data to prioritise infringements by the ones that are likely to be most valuable or which appear on the websites with the most traffic.

Instagram Infringement Monitoring

We run a specialist search index dedicated to finding high value infringements on Instagram. This world-first tool uses our dedicated Instagram image index, meaning that you'll get more infringements and better coverage than any generic whole-web reverse image search.

Find infringements on live TV or video

Many topical or breaking news photographers are regularly infringed by News TV or Breakfast shows - these infringements tend to be hard to find but easy to pursue. Infringement.Report can compare your image catalog against any live TV stream, YouTube channel, or other video source, and instantly alert you about infringements. Our Video Monitoring gives you access to the main TV channels that we're already monitoring, and allows you to add any new custom channels or shows that you like.

Close Integration with Your Workflow

Infringement.Report can be completely customised to fit with your business and improve existing workflows. For a typical law firm, we will:

Dedicated Support and Training

When you're relying on an external system to keep your business running, it's critical that support is available to give help when it's needed. Our support staff are on hand to solve any problem 5 days a week. Initial in-person and remote training is available to help teams use our platform successfully, and we run regular webinars to bring any new starters on board.

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Extendable and Customisable

Infringement.Report was built from the ground up to be completely customisable to suit our clients. If you have your own in-house developers, you can take advantage of our industry-leading API and developer-centric docs and SDKs to design and build your own infringement monitoring system.