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Programmatically access 'Search By Image' data

Our reverse image search API gives you easy, programmatic access to search the internet using an image file or URL. Submit your image, and our API will respond with every webpage which hosts that image, along with a host of information about the page and image.

Our engine searches based on an image's features, meaning our API can find websites using an image even if the image has been renamed, resized, or edited. Advanced similarity analysis scores results to find the ones that look most and least like the source image, eliminating false positives and providing a solid sorting metric

With pricing from $5 per 1,000 searches, we beat our competitors on both cost and search quality. Partners optionally get a completely whitelabelled interface, SLA-backed dedicated search infrastructure, and custom analysis on search result or infringing pages.

This API is primarily built for copyright enforcement firms, and has a number of features to support this activity.

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