Image Raider

Image Raider was an image infringement search and monitoring service that went offline in early 2019. There is currently no official word on whether this was intentional or not, meaning that users have been left without monitoring for their images. Don't worry though - Infringement.Report is here to help.

Monitor Image Use

Like Image Raider, we'll constantly search your photos or images across multiple search engines to find websites which are using them. When a new website is found, we'll notify you. See a sample image monitoring report
For ex-Image Raider users, we're offering an extended trial to give you a chance to get your account set up - drop us an email for more information.

Reverse Image Search API

Many businesses need programmatic access to 'search by image' data. Our partner plans give raw access to search result data, an open source frontend, endless customisation, and advanced querying & faceting of reverse image search results. Our API is very mature and offers everything you need to plug our data in to a production environment.