Find and track infringements on Instagram

Copyright infringements on Instagram can be widespread, significant, and valuable for photographers and rightsholders. Infringement.Report runs the world's only dedicated engine for searching Instagram using an image.

Our index and search algorithms are specifically tuned to work with Instagram, meaning low numbers of false positives and high levels of coverage across Instagram users.

How it works

Our system constantly monitors the posts of all Instagram users with more than 10,000 followers - when a new post is made, we compare it against your photo catalog and alert you of any infringements that we find. Because we save information about IG users and their followers, you can choose to only recieve notifications about infringements by users with a minimum number of followers.

The IG data is available through any of our existing channels: Your image catalog and detected infringements can be administered via our app or API; we also allow one-off searches of our entire IG index via the API.

Get more info

Our Instagram Reverse Image Search engine and data is currently exclusively available to businesses who are monitoring more than 50,000 images for infringements. To get more information or arrange a demo of this service, please get in touch

Instagram reverse image search is not included by default in regular Infringement.Report subscriptions - you should contact us for a demo before signing up.