How do Tineye's results compare to Infringement.Report?


Tineye does a great job at getting quick results when reverse image searching. We wanted to see how the quality of its results compared to Infringement.Report.

Comparing Reverse Image Search Services

We tested Infringement.Report against the five main image monitoring services - Tineye, Pixsy, ImageRights.com, Plaghunter, Image Raider (AKA Incandescent.xyz). We tested one popular image across all of these services to find the number of results returned.

Before revealing the results, some caveats:
- These are one-off tests with single images - these services may perform better with different images, searching at different times, or with more time for discovery/monitoring.
- We used the free versions of all tools (including Infringement.Report), but we don't know if they would have been better on a paid subscription.

If you're an independent blogger/researcher and would like to run your own tests, we will happily give you a free account to do so.

Test 1

You can see the test details and full data in the Google Sheet

Domains Found Results Found Waiting Time
Infringement.Report 320 519 15 Mins
Plaghunter 134 183 5 Mins
Image Raider / Incandescent.xyz 127 180 3 Mins
Pixsy 0 0 6 Hours
Tineye** ? 388 1.1 Secs
ImageRights.com 161 419 5 Hours

In this test, Infringement.Report found more than twice the amount of infringing websites than TinEye. Tineye was faster than us, but did not find nearly as many infringements.

As Tineye does not offer an easily accessible data export tool, we were not able to calculate the unique number of domains it had found

Test 2

You can see the test details and full data in the Google Sheet

Domains Found Results Found Waiting Time
Infringement.Report 185 538 10 Mins
Plaghunter 110 143 3 Mins
Image Raider / Incandescent.xyz 3 5 6 Hours
Pixsy** ? 127 5 Minutes
Tineye** ? 51 0.6 Secs
ImageRights.com 101 402 5 Hours

Again, Infringement.Report found more infringing websites than Tineye any other service. ImageRights.com and Plaghunter performed slightly better in this test than the previous one. Tineye, Plaghunter, and Pixsy were faster than us, but did not find as many infringements.

Infringement.Report is more comprehensive because it's slower

Image infringement monitoring is a resource intensive process - when you first upload an image for monitoring, we try to discover as many infringements as we can right away. This means that we search your image multiple times on every source using our proprietary retrieval method. However, despite having so many results right away, it's still likely that we'll miss some - we'd expect to find another two dozen legacy infringements in the first week of monitoring this image.

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